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How To Configure Dynamic CRM Administration.

We providing a procedure to configure Dynamic CRM Administration using entities (Account, Contact, lead & Opportunity) and Fields.

  • User can see the data of entities, even they are not having permission to read the entity data by crossing security bridge of CRM.
  • User can see all (Account, contact, lead, opportunity) entity data in one place
  • User can search data by Keywords.
  • User can apply column level filter.
  • User can export search data in excel format.
  • User can short data according to available fields and date.
  • Apply pagination according to user requirement.

administrator 1
Step 1: Login with your Dynamic CRM Credential.
Step 2: How to import the solution in Dynamic CRM.
2.1 Go to Setting Click Import button to import solution
2.2: Select the solution zip file and Import solution.
administrator 2
administrator 3
2.3: After importing solution click on Publish all customizations button and refresh the window to replicate changes.
Step 3:- How to assign Role to User
3.1: Open the solution .
administrator 4
 administrator 5
3.2: Open Configuration page and click on Sync Role(Automatic assign existing role ”MYReport” to all CRM active user).
Description : we need to assign the security role for all CRM Active user for performing CRUD operation in “myreport” Entity.
Step 4: How to Run Report :-
4.1: Go to the Administrator Report into site map.
administrator 6
administrator 7
4.2: Enter the Keywords and search (to get related records to the keyword from Account, contact, lead and opportunity entity ‘It will match the keyword inside the basic fields of all four entities’).
4.3 : You can Also perform column level filter inside the grid.
administrator 8