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    Dynamics CRM

MY Dynamics CRM Lite App

CRM mobile app which will help CRM users to view Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Quick Campaigns, Opportunities, Phone calls and Tasks. CRM users can make a call, text and email from this app.

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MYStageHover in Dynamics CRM

MY Stage Hover solution will provide information in a hover about the time taken by any Opportunity in particular stages like Qualify, Develop, Propose and Close.

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MYSalesTaxCalculation using TaxJar in CRM

Our solution will use TaxJar to provide automated tax calculation & Address validation on Quotes, Invoice and Sales Order in CRM.

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MYVisualRelationship in Dynamics CRM

Visual Relationship Management is a solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM through which its user can see or visualize the relationship between like accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities etc. Through this you can see a complete elaborated view of relationship between the entities which are related through a particular person whose data is in entities like accounts or contacts etc.

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MYToolTip in Dynamics CRM

Perfect way to add tooltips to columns in Dynamics CRM.

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MYJiraCRM (Jira Integration in CRM)

We have integrated Jira in CRM so that the sales person or CRM user can view Jira issues which are related to a particular case in CRM and can also create issues in Jira without switching to Jira.

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MYQRCode For Dynamics CRM

With the help of QR Code in CRM you can directly access a particular person’s profile whose QR code is generated

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Integration Of One Drive to CRM

In a nutshell, our objective is to reduce the pain of uploading the file to CRM and provide storage to users. With Office, 365 organizations have One drive with enough storage but not able to use it. We have found a way to use the storage integrated to CRM where only 10 GBs of storage is given.

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Integrating loader in Dynamics CRM

Just to improve user interface on saving the event, we have developed one solution which will help the user to understand if the record is saved successfully.

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Custom Banner /Notification in Dynamics CRM

Just to improve user interface on saving the event, we have developed one solution which will pop-ups the result on custom pop up.

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alara’s seamless integrations to Dynamics 365 help companies of all sizes automate the complex, burdensome process of sales tax management.CRM functionality & calculating sales tax on Opportunities, Orders, & Invoices.

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