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Parature using Salesforce Solution

We have plugged-in the functionality of Parature using Salesforce.

MoreYeahs Inc. provide the migration services from Parature to any platform such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Zendesk and Freshdesk.
As a Microsoft partner and working in this niche area we have emerged as migration expert. Where we keep our self updated with the market and understand the market requirement. As Parature is closing down May 2018.
Many of our Parature client’s already started to move to another platform.
Till now successfully delivered the following :
Parature to Salesforce (Including attachments to comments)
Parature to Dynamics 365
Parature to Zendesk

Parature using Salesforce is Completely   FREE  for a limited time! !!

Expertise to migrate

Case – Comment , Attachment and Case & Attachment both
Knowledge base

Migration Methods

Event types in ParaConnect for Salesforce
  • There are four event types in ParaConnect.
  • Events:  Various operations performed by the integration.
  • Parature API Exception: Occurs when the Parature API returns an error.
  • CRM API Exception: Occurs when the Salesforce API returns an error.
  • Non-API Exception: Please refer to the detail provided in the log history as this event type may include a variety of issues.
Field types and mapping in ParaConnect for Salesforce

Not all Salesforce.com field types can be mapped to any Parature field type. Refer to the table below for a list of compatible field types. Please note that even though a field type is compatible, you may run into formatting validations on the Parature side.
Should any of your desired mappings be incompatible due to the field type, a recommended solution is to change the Parature field to a Text Field. No data loss will occur during this field type change.

Pre-requisites for ParaConnect for Salesforce

To use the Salesforce Account and Contact integration, you will need the following: Access to the Salesforce.com API (depending on your Salesforce license, additional licensing fees might apply) Access to the Parature API (which requires a Parature API license) A valid Salesforce Security Token A valid Parature API token

Pre-requisites for Parature Salesforce Widget

To use Parature's Salesforce.com widget, the following are required and/or recommended: Parature API Access
Salesforce API Access (depending on your Salesforce license, this might require additional licensing fees)
Salesforce AppExchange Access
1 dedicated Parature API seat. Parature can enable this seat for no additional charge, at your request to the Support Team. This seat will be a "System" seat that can only be used for API access

Re-run a ParaConnect integration for all records

Once a ParaConnect integration is running, it keeps track of each hourly run and only processes records in Salesforce that were created or updated within the last hour. This keeps the integration running smoothly and ensures that timely information is pulled from Salesforce into Parature. However, if you would like to "reset" an integration and have it check all relevant records in Salesforce, you can do so by resetting the Last Modified Date on the Integration Overview page. To reset the Last Modified Date, follow these instructions: 1. Open the integration you want to re-run and navigate to the General tab. 2. In the General Information section, click the Click here to reset the Modified Date link. The next time the integration runs, it will process all relevant Salesforce records.

Test ParaConnect for Salesforce with Parature sandbox

You can configure an integration to run between your Salesforce system and your Parature Sandbox. There are a few steps you will need to take in order to perform this action. To begin, you'll need to make sure that you have credentials entered for your Parature Sandbox on the My Credentials page of the integration console. Next, when you create a new integration, simply check the box about using your Parature Sandbox. This check box will be inactive if you do not have Parature Sandbox credentials configured. You can also run the integration using your Salesforce Sandbox by configuring Salesforce Sandbox credentials and creating a new integration with the Salesforce Sandbox setting checked. Please note that once an integration is created, the Sandbox settings cannot be changed. If the sandbox settings need to be changed, you will need to delete the integration and create a new one.

Comparison Parature and salesforce

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