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QR Code For Dynamic CRM

With the help of QR Code in CRM you can directly access a particular person’s profile whose QR code is generated.
MYQRCode is the utility which is provided by us in MS Dynamics CRM. It will save a lot of your time and ease your effort to view a particular’s profile or detail. Whenever you go to a person’s profile in any entity in CRM, there is also an option of sending email. When you go to send the email there is a button to “Add QR Code” on clicking the button, the QR Code for that person to whom you are sending the mail is generated. In case you are sending the mail to more than one person then the QR code will be generated for the person whose name is mentioned first. You can add any person in the mail whose data is stored in the entities of CRM, you can also look up for the person to whom you want add in the mail.

1. You can go to any entity to access the profile of that customer whose data is saved in it. After opening that particular person’s profile in Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can send the email to that person, to send the email you have to go to activities and then choose email.
2. When you choose the email then the following screen will appear. Click on “Add QR code” to add the QR code to the email.
3. The QR code will get generated for the customer to whom you want to send the mail, you can also add another person but the QR code will only get generated for the user whose email id is mentioned first at the time of QR code generation.
4. You can also look up for the records to search and add someone for sending the email.


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