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Sentry B

Advanced Video Surveillance For Enhanced Security and Operation Efficiency.

Intelligent AI-Video Analytics for physical security and community safety
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Our Services

Advanced surveillance and security solutions for residential, commercial, industrial premises, and cargo transport protection.

Home CCTV Camera
Home CCTV Systems

Cost-effective CCTV System for monitor and Protect Your Home.

Industries Security

Out-and-out Security Solutions for Many Areas, Indoor and Outdoor in an Industrial Enterprise.

Our Products

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Ip Camera

High-resolution IP Camera that offers larger FOV and efficient monitoring for your residential and commercial premises.

Drone Camera

Choose a powerful surveillance drone to monitor operations, assets, and individuals in terrain from above. Sentry B drones are light-weight, come with high-definition cameras, stability, different fly time.

360 Security Camera

Our 360° security cameras come with helpful features, including Wi-Fi support, 360-degree movement support, motion detection, and adjustable field of view.

Security Vision

Easy to set up and cost-effective security solutions to monitor and protect your property.


Level up your home's security

and keep your Family Safe

Monitoring and securing your home is no longer an expensive business. We strategically set up high-definition security cameras in and around your home to help you monitor it from virtually any place.

About Us

We are a renowned and trusted company offering world-class security solutions.


CCTV for your Safety

Sentry B is the one-stop destination to find and purchase the high-quality and cost-effective CCTV camera system.

We have a range of CCTV cameras to meet the specific needs of customers. Our security camera provides total control for effective monitoring and risk prevention.

A professionally installed CCTV camera helps you spot intruders, check your family's safety from anywhere.

It's always the best time to upgrade your home's security with an advanced CCTV camera. Select a competitively priced CCTV camera system from our product lift and ensure quality active home monitoring and safety in the long run.

How We Work

Sentry B, with its experience in the industry, understands the security-related needs of businesses and individuals. Our team precisely chooses and fixes the security equipment and solutions to resolve existing security issues and combat potential problems.

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    About the arrival of our specialists
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    Development of a surveillance system
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    Preparation of contract
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    Installation and start-up of the system

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Anastasia Stone
Business Analyst

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Patrick James
Top Manager

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Steven Rashford
Truck Driver

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