Get into the Pool of Augmented And Virtual Reality

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Augmented and Virtual reality is the two side of the same coin, the two come up frequently in the same discussion and often confused with one another. Both can flamboyantly alter our perception to see things but can easily be differentiated and worth explaining.

Let us take some easy example to explain the both-

Virtual reality plays with our surrounding and brings us someplace else. With the help of visors and goggles, VR blocks the surrounding room and make you feel your presence elsewhere.Whereas augmented reality organizes your surroundings and adds something to it. It does not move us elsewhere. It just augments our current presence using clear visors. The AR/VR market is expanding worldwide at a rapid rate. All of have seen Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in marvel movies interacting with his AI enabled operating system. On the same legacy, Microsoft is essentially injecting interactive holograms into our world to fill the gap between your personal computing machines and your living room. In 2016, the world witnessed the AR sensation viral mobile game in the form of Pokémon Go. It got everyone’s favorite Pikachu from TV and mobile screen onto your lawn!

This was the first instance where AR finding mass market acceptance.

Statista Forecasted the AR-VR market size worldwide in 2022 (in billion U.S. Dollars)

                                                                                                Source- Statista

Future Business opportunities offered in the Realm of Augmented and Virtual Reality-

1. Helping Hand in Creating Brand Awareness-

Companies looking to create a “buzz” about their products can use this technology in events, product launches, and ad campaigns.

2. Upskilling Employee-

Virtual Reality has proven itself to be an effective tool in training situations. It can be used to train employees by providing close to real life experience to learn and upgrade skills.

3. Learning and Testing Customer preferences-

In any kind of business customer satisfaction remains the top priority, whereas testing a few products remains the complex one. Augmented and Virtual reality allows the potential customer to interact in the product prototype and provide companies with better customer preference insights.

4. Bring People Together-

Virtual Reality can bring teams across the world closer and allow a better communication. VR also allows customers and team members to experience a live event from any corner of the world.

Augmented and Virtual Realities are still new technologies and still need to be explored a lot and their influence on the businesses are not widespread yet. It is surprisingly great to see how different industries are implementing this new technology in different and how this new technology has coordinated with different industries seamlessly way.


You just need to clear your goals and see where you can implement these techs. Whatever it is just find it out and get into the pool of AR and VR to grow your business.



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