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Your business or work today can take you to any part of the world tomorrow, what if you are in the middle of an important meeting, or a merger or an important fundraising event and not able to pay full attention to that event, because of the reason that some of your family members is bedridden or needs help because of health condition and no one is around to see. What if your job gives you an opportunity to go overseas but you need to look after your parents of some family member who is seriously ill and needs daily care.XYZ(Care Provider) is here to help you with all your concern, to help you take care of your family member/parents daily health care, and you concentrate on your business, work, and your dream job or entrepreneurship. XYZ(Care Provider) is here to take care.

How it works-

  1. XYZ(Care Provider) establishes a local care community in its area of service.
  2. When a person requires help with taking care of someone from their family, they can create an account on Portal by that family member’s name “PQR”  by default and send invites to the local care community.
  3. On the created account you post a request “We need someone to come in every day at 8:30 starting on 01 January and will continue until canceled to take care of our elderly father who just had a Knee Cap replacement surgery and is bedridden.”
  4. The portal start looking and find 7 potential PoS that live nearby but not available at 8:30.
  • There is no perfect match but they get a list of closest matches.
  1. They open a dialogue with 5 out of the 7 saying something like “What schedule can we work out?”
  2.  Communicate using collaboration tools ( through the platform or make phone calls).
  3. Can dynamically bring together all involved parties to figure out options (group chat, video and voice conference calls that can be optionally recorded/stored).
  4. Portal also lets you make a care plan which is a list of things to be reviewed on each visit
  5. Portal also make sure that if a PoS is not capable of attending the person he should find his cover if not the participant of the “PQR” account will find a cover.
  6. Everyone involved in the patient’s care is well informed and can transparently see what is happening.

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