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Jira CRM (Jira Integration in CRM)

We have integrated Jira in CRM so that the sales person or CRM user can view Jira issues which are related to a particular case in CRM and can also create issues in Jira without switching to Jira.
CRM user or sales people can search for the Jira issues related to a particular case in CRM. This integration will help to search and fetch the list of related issues from Jira. They can view the summary, description, priority and comments of the Jira issues. CRM user can also view the documents attached with Jira issues.

Screenshot 1
1. CRM user can search for the Issues in Jira, by default the searching name for the issue is the name of case CRM user can also search by other words or name. The issue which is already linked with the case will be shown as selected.
2. CRM user can also see the attachments which are associated with the Jira Issues.
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
3. CRM user can add comment to a Jira issue.
4. CRM user can select the Jira Issues and hit the ‘Link to Case’ button to link them to CRM case.
Screenshot 4


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