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About Us

  • The Company

    MoreYeahs is the dream startup venture of 2 passionate minds We provide IT development solutions to enterprise, mid – sized companies and even startups across the globe with the heavy focus on MS Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Parature, USD and Cloud based solutions. We also specialize in building custom web & e-commerce applications, social media apps and m-commerce/mobile applications. Building a passionate team, establishing a name for ourselves and striving to achieve our goals are just few of the exciting things we are doing right now.

  • Our Philosophy

    We believe that creating solutions that hold up to the high standards of quality and performance are critical to our clients’ success. We believe in staying at the forefront of applying new technologies to solve business problems for clients. We also believe in setting new standards for the way software is built. The combination of these principles positions us as trusted technology advisers and change agents for our clients. It’s not about doing the fanciest or most clever thing. It’s about using technology in the most appropriate way to drive business value. It is about knowing these technologies well and figuring out the simplest way to apply them to give our clients the greatest return on their investment.

  • Our Mission

    Build an organization with strong values, ethics, best-in class resources, a process-driven, customer-centric approach towards delivering in-principle and on-promise to our stakeholders. Realize our goals in an atmosphere of sincerity, honesty, commensurate with fair practices and courtesy towards customers, investors, employees, and the society. Values Committed – We are highly committed to our relationships, both internal and external. Collaborative – We believe in creating greater value through collaboration and mutual co-operation. Open – We work in an open atmosphere, have an open door policy and are quite open to change & diversification. Ethical – We are transparent and honest in our endeavors. We take pride in handling of our issues with courage & integrity. Statutory – We strongly believe in & practice the policy of being a good citizen. We strictly adhere to the statutory/tax paying laws binding our business. Social – We lay great emphasis on giving back to the society. We respond actively during natural disasters and calamities. Winning – We lay greater emphasis on excellence, productivity and efficiency. We strive continuously towards building winning combinations.

  • Why Choose Us

    At MoreYeahs, we specialise in offering the very best IT services to our customers. We continuously convert business ideas into powerful solutions using the combination of our technical expertise and business domain knowledge, Our highly dedicated team works on projects like Parature, USD, CRM etc. We thrive on being the best at what we do and would like you to benefit from this.So why choose us? We put our customers first -Our sales team take a consultative approach to see what is best for your business rather than think about what solutions are most profitable to us. We believe being completely honest and trustworthy will enable us to build up the best relationships with our customers. We embrace new technologies -We’re always looking at new technologies to see if they can offer good solutions for our customers. Although technology changes at an ever increasing pace, we’ll only recommend solutions that will bring real benefit to your business. Our technical team are experts in their field. A selection of our extensive qualifications include: Microsoft Certified technology specialist, Sharepoint Expert, Dynamic CRM ,Expert K2 Expert ,Parature Expert ,Unified Service Desk Expert. We believe in Simple- We believe in simplifying the world. We’re upfront about costs. You’ll never get any hidden charges with us. We speak plain English, we know that you may not know or care about every technical acronym in the book. We want to make your life simple.

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