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    MY HyperLocal Grocery app

    By Moreyeahs

    Grocery app is a hyperlocal ecommerce shopping app which has been
    developed to provide an astonishing easy-to-use shopping experience

HyperLocal e-commerce Grocery app

HyperLocal e-commerce Grocery app

Everyone needs to shop for groceries several times in a month, depends on their requirement. To make this task easy for people, we have created a HyperLocal e-commerce Grocery app. HyperLocal apps allow users to solve household related problems

This app has solutions to all of the problems like keeping records/lists of last/previous shopping items and their price. Its people’s way out from troublesome traffic jams. Anyone can order groceries at any time anywhere with a single touch on their phone, they can explore all the groceries you need on your phone. This is a B2B and B2C app

1. When user open the application for first time, they need to register by their contact no. and choose their location on Sign Up page.

2. The user can sign in as a customer or as a SalesPerson depends on the user.

3.After getting approved the user can refresh icon on the Contactus and use the App.

4.Home Page the user can see the Categories of item on selecting them user can navigate to items page.

5.User choose the categories from which he/she wants to shop, after entering into a particular category.

6.There is a menu icon at the top most right corner, on hitting it a menu list will appear with options like my orders, my profile, my cart etc.

7.The following screen shows the list of items with their individual and total amount which user added to the shopping cart.

8.On hitting the checkout button, the following screen will appear with the information and location of user have in ‘My Profile’.

9.User can view their orders directly by choosing ‘My orders’.

10.can view order details of any particular order by opening that order.

11.User can view their profile and can change or update the information by going into the ‘My profile’ from menu.

12.User can view their shopping cart by choosing ‘My cart’ from main menu.

13. For the sales person, shopping categories are same but when the sales person tries to checkout, he/she is asked to choose the warehouse and retailer, showed in the following screens.

14. After choosing the warehouse and retailer the sales person can place the order.

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