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    • We are providing a solution to have an intelligent business migration, it gives you choice.
    • Start with just what you need to run your business—and delight your customers.
    • Migration with low downtime and Apps that work together seamlessly in the cloud.
    • Solution include export of data and delivers perfect import.

Migration Of Parature To Zendesk / Dynamics 365.

Migration Of Parature To Zendesk / Dynamics 365

We can provide customers a dead-simple migration process from Parature to zendesk / dynamics 365.

The problem which Parature users face most often is when they want to create an article from a word document then they have to copy the content from that document and paste it into the article, the problem is that the images and the proper format of that document does not get copied, Parature users has to do it manually. To make it easier we built a custom solution for Parature, in this solution we added a tab in Parature through which Parature users can easily create an article from a word file, all they need to do is to upload that word file. The article which gets created from that word/docx file have the exact format and images

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