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    .Net Portal for Sequence IO


    1. Candidate Profile Management.
    2. Interview Scheduling.
    3. Multiple Interview Management.
    4. Synchronization with Outllook/Google calendar.
    5. Easy to use application for HR professionalRegistration and Logged-in for Customers, Agents and Administrator.


.Net Portal for Sequenc.IO

We provide you pre build portals to Sequenc.IO industry to save your time.

We offer you To buy the complete solution and have short cut to all your problem with simple solution we provide customization also. Creating portal with the pre build and customizable .Net portals as per your industry. We currently provide pre build portals to Sequenc.IO industry and Dynamics CRM as backend (or others).

Portal service is FREE for a limited time!

1. A tool for scheduling interviews around availability.
It is a Scheduling interviews should take the least amount of time in your day.

2.Check a candidate’s availability.
Set up your available time for interviews.
Find availability for hiring managers and other team members.

3.Recruiter is responsible for finding job candidates for the hiring process.
Put accountability into the hands of hiring managers and candidates.
Get confirmed interview times locked in all calendars.

4. You can change your password any time.
You can manage your own notification: like Rescheduling job accepts job.

5. Search for candidates already in
Match availability to make scheduling easier.
Schedule directly with candidates.
Invite candidates to set their availability.

6. Invite hiring managers and team members to join
Have hiring managers and team members set up their availability.
Schedule interviews on behalf of hiring managers and other team members.
Set up branches where hiring managers, team members, and other recruiters coordinate.

7. Schedule directly with candidates
Schedule interviews into your calendar
Schedule interviews on behalf hiring managers and other team members.

8. Set up multiple branches to keep clients separate.
Set up branches internal departments and even on boarding.
Invite others to join a specific branch.
Conduct scheduling within a single branch.
Check availability for members of a single branch.