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Visual Relationship in SalesForce

Visual Relationship Tool between Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities.
Visual Relationship Management is a solution for Sales Force through which its user can see or visualize the relationship between entities like accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities etc. Through this you can see a complete elaborated view of relationship between the entities which are related through a particular person whose data is in entities like accounts or contacts etc.

(1) Default view of current Record.
(2) Visual view of related account, Contact, Lead & Opportunities.
(3) If you don't want opportunity record to open, then Uncheck the Opportunity Tab.
(4) View of unchecked lead & Opportunity.
(5) Unchecked only Account & rest Checked.
(6) Unchecked by Connection Roles like Company & Software development.

(7) When Unchecked Contact, only view Account, Lead & Opportunities relation.

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